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The saying goes that no matter how much money you have – it will never be enough. There’s a little bit of truth to that – with a higher salary, higher expectations, and a more extravagant taste.

Somehow, we never know how to save money, but we easily find reasons to spend. The ability to know how to save money is not in our nature.

Knowing how to save money is a constant activity, not a passive act.

Knowing how to save money is a constant activity, not a passive act.

One reason is that saving literally takes time. You have to analyze your purchases and always be aware of the latest offers and promotions. Knowing how to save money is a constant activity, not a passive act.

Cheaper versions of many things also take more time – preparing meals at home, for example. This is definitely smarter economically, but it takes a lot more hours than eating out or buying something on the way.

In addition to eating out and other obvious examples where you can save money by changing your behavior, there are many other ways.

However, knowing how much and where you spend is the first and most crucial step in knowing how to save money. If you realize, in black and white, that you are living above your means, you will know better in what areas you will limit your spending. To find ways to save money, you first need to know how you’re spending.

Currently, for each problem, there is an application. We will present the top five apps to save money and pay attention to expenses.

Best apps for saving money and managing


With over 10 million users, Good Finance is one of the most popular money management apps out there. You can connect it with your bank account and set financial goals on how to start saving money or make budget categories.

Budget expense categories are automatically assigned to transactions, and most are correctly assigned. If you want to go into detail, you can tag different transactions. With financial goals, you can set up short or long term goals to save. You can also see your monthly spending patterns.

You Need a Budget is another popular budget app for different ways to save money. The operating principles are similar to those of Good Finance. You connect it to your accounts and can review your transactions, create reports and chart patterns. You can, of course, also set budget objectives.

The app also gives tips on how to save and reach your set goals. The app’s developers say the goal of the app is to help people “evolve, living beyond last month’s earnings, and exceeding salary limits.”

If you are in debt, Debt Saver is an app worth checking out. Debts seem intimidating and payment at times seems to be an unachievable goal.

The application creates a payment plan for you and helps you keep track of it. You can choose your own ways to save money and create a personal strategy. You will never forget a payment, as the app sends reminders when the date arrives. Even more, it offers clear graphics about your progress.

  If you tend to spend a lot and have trouble keeping to your predefined budget, Sure Cash is for you. You can create your budget for the week, month, the day you receive the salary, or for one time. When you set a quantity for each category, the application starts recording progress.

Similar to other apps, you will have to add your bank account for the app to get the important data. Sure Cash’s best thing is simplicity – budgets are categorized by color, as well as showing the amount of money left over in each budget. The color codes make it easy to see where you are spending too much and which category is in the “green zone”.

If the world is your home, SpendWise is for you. This application allows you to use different currencies. Connected directly to your bank accounts, you can see exactly how much money is coming in and how much is coming out. It also calculates ATM withdrawals, not just transactions.

It is a good application to have a general idea presented in graphics. Additional benefits are reminders to pay bills and budgets shared with the family.

Do you still need financial help?


 If meticulous planning and all these ways of saving money still leave you in financial difficulties, an online loan may be the solution for you. We cannot always predict everything and some unexpected expenses are facts of life.

An online loan is a good way to deal with these emergencies, as it is easy to apply for and has a flexible payment schedule.

Sean Cole intermediates loans online, and you will find a suitable solution for each client, whatever their financial needs.

The request is simple and quick. You need to provide your name, identity number, email address and telephone number.

After requesting, Sean Cole will contact you with offers and you will be able to choose the one that is best for you. When you have confirmed the offer, the money will be transferred to your account.

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