Loans of small amounts: how to choose the best one?

The request of small amount loan

The request of small amount loan

The small loan is that contained request for money characterized by the need, for those who request it, to obtain it in a fairly short period of time: it can therefore be traced back to stringent needs which the potential interested party must quickly deal with by obtaining an immediate disbursement for an amount that is normally around $ 3,000.

The original form, which the banks then drew inspiration from, is that of small Government Agency loans, accessible however only to workers in possession of specific requirements, of public employment.

By going to the bank to obtain this sum of money, the institution will request the employee’s last paycheck, or other income certification from the freelancer (being without a paycheck), or the coupon to pensioner.

We go up a lot, until we reach the limits of the law, for the request for a loan without a guarantee: the bank’s trust costs a lot, but it is not impossible to conquer it thanks to other sources of income, such as, for example, a rental income from property characterized by regularity in the receipt of the payment, easily demonstrable, a financial annuity which therefore guarantees a maintenance allowance guaranteed by a court order.

There are also “revolving cards” which are cards issued in some very rare cases even without paychecks and demonstrable income and which work with a top-up of cash, based on the amounts actually available (see also Revolving card without demonstrable income) .

The top-up is usable by the customer who, for example, by purchasing a product will be charged an installment monthly (e.g. $ 100.00) and not the full amount of the purchase.

Let’s take an example. The available ceiling is 2,500.00, do you spend 400,00 on the purchase of a mobile phone? Your credit from 2500.00 USD will drop to 2100.00 but you will be charged 100.00 monthly on your account. The “installment” goes in part to settle the debt by reconstituting the original ceiling and in part for the interests of the creditor. To get it you need to have a bank or postal account and be of legal age.

Why choose online banks?

Why choose online banks?

Small loans can be requested at each bank branch or more immediately from online banks.

There are several reasons why it is worthwhile to request these amounts from the web.

  • First of all the “speed”. By filling out the loan request form directly online, in fact, we will significantly halve the time that usually elapses between the compilation of the same in the bank, with the help of a counter and the time of verification and evaluation by the credit institution.
  • A second reason may be that of “cost reduction”. In fact, by requesting a small online loan, it is possible to decrease the so-called accessory costs, such as the preliminary costs. In addition, often and willingly, there are offers dedicated to those who make the online request and, for example, concern interest rates.
  • Third reason, the “comparability”. While going to the credit institution we will hardly have a yardstick, online it is possible, thanks to the special simulators, to compare interest rates offered by different financial companies or banks in a few simple steps.
  • But this does not mean that they can then be requested directly and completely online. In fact, not many banks have adopted suitable tools for this purpose, such as Findomestic which has introduced the digital signature, making the procedure 100% online.
  • Fourth reason, “privacy”. When you live in small countries you often have some qualms about going to the branch of your bank to request a small loan useful, for example, to face a period of temporary crisis. Online banks, by allowing online requests, guarantee some privacy. Nobody can do the math in their pockets!
  • Fifth and final reason, “access to information”. Let’s face it, especially if they are small loans, how many of us really pay attention or read the conditions and all the information contained in the application forms in detail? With online banks we will have access to this information at any time, directly from our pc, and we will be able to read everything calmly at any time of the day. Furthermore, there is often the possibility of chatting or otherwise speaking with an operator ready to provide us with all the information from time to time.

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