Guide to online application for a loan of 15 thousand USD.


A loan of 15,000 USD allows you to solve several important financial contingencies that occur in every moment of life. It can be requested from any post office, bank or financial institution (today everyone makes loans available), as long as it is shown to have an income and to have turned 18 years old.

The duration of the amortization plan, for this amount, often (but not always) reaches up to 10 years. Among the most interesting proposals of recent times in the panorama of personal loans, those of Capital Lender, Spin Lender and Capital Lender stand out. Let’s find out then the characteristics of these loans and which of these three is more convenient, while reminding the reader that the economic conditions (especially with regard to interest rates) could vary, both on the basis of the financial profile you have, and on the basis of to the existence or not of offers.

With Capital Lender flexible loans and variable installment

With Capital Lender flexible loans and variable installment

Beginning to analyze the opportunities made available by Capital Lender  (a financial company owned by Cream Bank and Best Bank) for a loan of 15,000 USD, the first thing you notice is that the characteristics of flexible and adaptable loan are highly emphasized that requires it (in this regard, the main product remains Duttilio).

So there is the possibility to change the amount of the installment, to skip the installment or change the repayment or, finally, to postpone the duration of the loan. One of the proposals carried out on a loan of 15,000 USD provides, in a period of 96 months (8 years), installments of 223.40 USD per month without an insurance policy, with interest rates equal to a Tan of 8.91% and a Taeg of 10.22%.

Then you have to calculate a monthly expenditure of 2 USD for the management of the case, 2 USD for the annual report tax, 16 USD for stamp duty for the contract and 300 USD of expenses for the preliminary investigation or commissions. Quotation and loan can be requested online, the first without any commitment, the second through digital signature.

With Spin Lender no additional costs

With Findomestic no additional costs

The personal loan of 15,000 USD proposed by Spin Lender (financial of the Across Lender group which is increasingly evolving into a real bank) provides, under the same payment (96 months) and insurance (no policy) time conditions, an installment of 200 USD per month, with Tan and Taeg fixed at 6.39% and 6.58% respectively, for a total amount due by the consumer of 19,200 USD.

The difference is that here the rates are slightly lower and there are no accessory costs, neither for stamp duty, nor for the investigation of the file, nor for periodic communications or collection and management of the installment. Equally to Capital Lender, on the other hand, the loan can be flexible and requested in a totally digital way, from the estimate up to the receipt of the necessary amount in your account, through the use of the digital signature.
The latter can be requested from Spin Lender quickly and free of charge, with confirmation on your smartphone.

With Capital Lender, a wide choice according to different needs

With Compass, a wide choice according to different needs

Different is the matter for Capital Lender, which offers many lines of financing and personal loan. There are six products deployed by the Lite Lender Group finance company, each with its own characteristics adaptable to a particular type of customer.

What could be seen as a limitation is that the Capital Lender website does not allow you to make automatic estimates (you can possibly request them via e-mail from the customer service) or to request online loans. For any information, therefore, on interest rates, cheaper loans and installments you must necessarily make an appointment at the branch. Capital Lender is however very present on social networks, therefore for all the generic information you want to request, you can contact the financial company at the website

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